This home was described as the “Ugly Duckling” on the street. The floors were sloped because the previous owner had compromised the structure of the supporting joists by cutting into them and removing sections . The joists and flooring had to be replaced, reinforced and sistered to bring them up to code. Consistent with the design trends that were popular when it was built, the main floor was divided into several rooms so we had to remove some significant load-bearing walls to open up and enhance the space.
Because we discovered that the previous Homeowner had made several unsafe modifications to the electrical wiring, we had to replace all wiring in the home. The drainage in the basement was not up to standard as the clay pipes had deteriorated over time and occasional back-ups were occurring. We excavated the concrete basement floor and installed new drainage out to the street, with a back-flow preventer. To address dampness issues in the basement we installed a new interior waterproofing system throughout. The HVAC system was also replaced.

The afterthought porch was rebuilt to provide a convenient mud-room at the
front entrance to the home. Windows and doors were changed to black
frames. The “scary” basement was transformed into an inviting self-contained
unit with a separate entrance. The pink brick/stucco detailing on the front was
removed and re-stuccoed to create a contemporary look. The new deck and
pergola on the back completed the reconstruction of this home.

Following a full home transformation by Doering Design and Build, that involved changing every room in the house, the true beauty of this Etobicoke home emerged.